Intelligent speech recognition

In the absence of your in-house receptionists, our AI solution allows your callers to self-serve by transferring them to the person or department they wish to speak to in an instant - reducing your switchboard costs by up to 80%.

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Calls are the lifeblood of every business

You may be having to make really tough decisions at the moment, grappling with cost-cutting, changing staffing levels, and clunky tech that doesn't lend itself to agile working. For all of these reasons, our Digital Switchboard is currently free to all UK businesses for 3 months, with no obligation to continue with us afterwards. Our switchboard solution is cloud-based and versatile enough to meet any requirements. With the option to add multiple auto-attendants, callers are directed to your staff on their mobiles, landlines, or tailored information lines. Try it free today >

A complete solution to help you during this time

Supported by leading technology:

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Here's how it works

Caller dials your number

The call is forwarded to Moneypenny seamlessly at which point Switchboard kicks in.

Recorded greeting plays

The caller is asked to confirm the name of the person or department they wish to speak to, using either an auto attendant (Press 1 for Sales) or intelligent speech recognition - you choose.

Call is successfully transferred

If there is no answer, calls can be sent to employee voicemails or Moneypenny's voicemail, which are then transcribed and forwarded immediately.

See Digital Switchboard in action

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Your burning questions

Is Digital Switchboard really completely free?

Yes! It includes free set up, free scheme, free transfers and free transcriptions for 3 months. You won't pay a penny. The option to have some calls answered by a Moneypenny Receptionist is there if you need it for an additional cost, but we won't activate this feature unless you ask for it.

What happens after the 3 months?

Once the 3 months are up we'll give you a call to discuss whether you'd like to continue with the service. You're under no obligation to do so.

Is our business too small to benefit from Digital Switchboard?

Whether you're a business with 5 or 5,000 employees, if you're looking to avoid the cost of a person to handle your calls or have had to furlough staff, Digital Switchboard is a free alternative to the traditional switchboard set-up.

How long does it take to set up?

Once we have your employee list and transfer choices (which we can discuss on a quick call) we can have everything up and running for you within 24 hours.

Where are voicemail transcriptions sent?

Simply give us your nominated email addresses and we'll set up the system so any voicemail transcriptions are sent to them.

What happens if Digital Switchboard doesn't recognise a request?

If the software is in any doubt about the accuracy of its translation, you can choose for the call to either be routed to a member of your own team or voicemail. There's no 'please repeat' or incorrect routing of your calls.

Do we have flexibility to make regular changes?

Yes, all of your employee information is available for you to amend at any time via your secure online portal - ideal if you're setup to work from home.

Can I record the greeting myself?

This is completely up to you - you can either supply us with a greeting or we can record one for you.

What happens if the caller doesn't know who to speak to?

The greeting will ask them to press 0 if they're unsure of who to speak to. This will transfer them through to a member of your team or Moneypenny's voicemail, which will then be transcribed and sent through to your nominated email address.

How much is it to add on a Moneypenny Receptionist?

All of our Telephone Answering schemes include a fixed call allowance. If overflow support is of interest to you, just give us a call on 0333 202 1005 and we'll talk you through the options available.

What our clients say

Digital Switchboard has been a lifesaver for capturing every new enquiry.

Saira Babar,Newmans Solicitors Limited

We're delivering greater efficiencies and vastly improved customer service.

Don Bircham,Wrexham Football Club

An affordable alternative to a permanent receptionist.

Simon Shiers,MCS Investment Property

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Moneypenny is fully operational and ready to support you

Most people have spoken to Moneypenny. Few realise it. Established in 2000, we're not simply the market leader. We are the biggest and fastest growing company of our type, handling 15m calls and chats annually on behalf of 13,000 businesses who rely on our people and technology-based solutions to manage their customer interactions. We are their trusted partner, on hand and ready to support them in times of crisis.

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We're open for business

Our team has now transitioned to 100% homeworking in order to deliver continuous support for your calls and live chat.


Is allowing our entire team to look after your customer interactions remotely - and remain in contact with anyone in your team who may be working remotely as well.

Secure & encrypted network

We have all the necessary technical capabilities in place to ensure your data remains safe whilst our team look after calls & chats off-site.

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