We’ve joined forces with Vpod to offer next level visitor management: introducing Vgreet

Combining world-leading technology with exceptional Moneypenny Receptionists, Vpod’s Vgreet is a safe, efficient solution to manage your visitors. With contactless check-in, thermal imaging and on-demand video concierge support from real people, it’s the ultimate solution in visitor management for a modern and ever-changing world.

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How it works

Packed with clever features to deliver a safe and unique first impression, all whilst reducing costs.

Contactless check-in

With their own personalised QR code and the power of face & voice recognition technology, visitors will always have a seamless experience

Covid-19 screening

Accurate and non-invasive thermal imaging is able to measure visitors’ body temperature in seconds

On-demand video concierge

Trained Moneypenny Receptionists are on hand to greet, check-in and assist with any questions visitors may have

Controlled in real-time

Update the information, including local travel and weather news, at any of your locations instantly from anywhere

Everything your front of house can do and more


  • In the current climate, where is Moneypenny’s team based?

    Most of our team members have now returned to working within our Covid-safe certified HQ. However, should we need to move to a working from home model, we already have all of the necessary data and security arrangements in place.

  • How does the Moneypenny element work?

    Whenever your visitors need assistance from a real person, all they need to do is press or say ‘Help’ and a Moneypenny Receptionist will pop up instantly via video. Equipped with everything they need to know about your business, they will be able to assist them in exactly the same way as your front of house.

  • What else can Moneypenny Receptionists do?

    Exactly as your front of house would, Moneypenny Receptionists are on hand to help visitors check-in and direct them to where they need to go for their meeting or appointment, advise on any on-site policies you may have and even organise refreshments for them to enjoy during their stay.

  • How does pre-registration work?

    Visitors have the ability to pre-register before they arrive at your office or premises. This provides them with a unique QR code to scan at the Vgreet kiosk when they arrive, ensuring every check-in is quick and contactless.

  • How does facial recognition work?

    The system cleverly recognises your employees’ faces and allows them into the building without the need for someone to man the door - a great tool for internal use to ensure employees get into work efficiently and safely.

  • What is thermal imaging?

    Very accurate and completely non-invasive, this feature will help you safeguard your staff from visitors entering your office or premises with possible Covid-19 symptoms. It works by taking your visitors’ temperature and notifying you of anything out of the ordinary so you can take action and be sure you’re doing the right thing by your team.

“Collaborating with Moneypenny means Vgreet customers have access to another important and cost-effective feature – which supports our ultimate goal of creating unique customer and visitor experiences. We’re very excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

Sam Farrant, Managing Director

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